We believe financial advisors serve clients best when they do not have biases, product preferences or sales quotas. Nor should advisors have a “cookie-cutter” approach toward their work. They should be free to provide you with any services that are needed. We believe you can best achieve your vision with an independent advisor. In fact, the financial services industry has finally realized the value of independent financial advisors.  As a result, many large brokerage and financial planning firms are now trying to sell themselves as an independent. In the end, however, truly objective financial advice should be based on the premise that no two individuals and no two situations are the same. We offer the integrity of a financial advisory process that begins and ends with your goals and preferences. You receive custom-tailored services from start to finish.

As the world becomes more complex, there’s an increasing need for financial planning. Our financial planning services produce a personally tailored strategy for achieving your financial goals. Through our financial planning process, we can clarify your present situation by gathering appropriate facts, determining your financial needs and goals, and identifying possible financial barriers to achieving your goals. After presenting your plan, we can assist in its implementation and periodically review and revise your plan as your situation changes.

Asset Management/ Account Aggregation

Our asset management process is interactive. You have ample opportunity to provide input so we can manage your investments according to your needs and expectations. We help determine your goals, objectives, risk tolerance and expectations. We help you develop a strategy. We implement the strategy. We monitor your needs and investment performance on an ongoing basis. We report on your progress. Contact us to learn more about our asset management services.


Many financial decisions hinge on your current tax situation.  We can eliminate tax surprises with our projections and analysis.